Day One in New York

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post, but it’s not been without good reason!
Today was the beginning of a 8 day adventure and from LAX, my sister, cousin, and I flew for 5 hours to New York for the first time. My first impression of New York was, “It’s super cold! And look at all the tall buildings!” The 30 degrees Fahrenheit weather was a big change for a Californian like me but I had some thermals to help fight off the chill. Continue reading Day One in New York

The Coast Starlight

Over spring break, ma famille et moi went on The Coast Starlight all the way up to Seattle. It was our first family trip together and we sat in a cramped sleeper car on the amtrak. I don’t think it would be fun trying to stay on the train for too long because all we did was eat, look at the view and sleep. The view was nice during the night as we were able to see pure snow falling. It almost looked like something in a fantasy novel where there’s something mystical behind the dark trees. Continue reading The Coast Starlight