Day One in New York

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post, but it’s not been without good reason!
Today was the beginning of a 8 day adventure and from LAX, my sister, cousin, and I flew for 5 hours to New York for the first time. My first impression of New York was, “It’s super cold! And look at all the tall buildings!” The 30 degrees Fahrenheit weather was a big change for a Californian like me but I had some thermals to help fight off the chill.

IMG_4776 copyIMG_4800 copy

For breakfast, we stopped by Ess-a-Bagel. I got a raisin walnut bagel and there was a 1.5 inch thick layer of cream cheese. Yummay!!!

IMG_4835 copyIMG_4847 copy

We continued on to walk to 5th Ave (lower left) and to Rockefeller Center (lower right).

IMG_4866 copyIMG_4883 copy

IMG_4897 copy
My cousin, my sis, and me in front of Rockefeller Center
IMG_4898 copy
My sis and Jessica

We passed by St. Patrick’s Cathedral (lower left). While walking through the streets, we passed by beautiful window displays at each boutique. The one shown below is made completely of paper (lower right).

IMG_4914 copyIMG_4947 copy

Whilst window shopping, my cousin was excited to take a pic with a penguin. We also came across a Limited Edition Barbie Foosball table (lower right). Only ten of them were made in the world and each one costs $25,000!

IMG_4949 copyIMG_4960 copy

For lunch, we ate street Greek food. So good and spicy! (lower left). We also stopped by Dylan’s Candy Shop and the stairs had candy pieces in the steps! (lower right).

IMG_4982 copyIMG_5029 copy

IMG_5019 copy
In front of the Plaza Hotel. Remember the character, Eloise? “Eloise! At the Plaza!”
IMG_5035 copy
It’s night now and we’re at an outdoor market. Local, cool, handmade, and unique items are sold here. It’s like a live etsy!

For a super late night snack, we stopped by two dee-li-cious places: Artichoke and Pommes Frites. Artichoke serves the best artichoke pizza I’ve ever had! I’d come back to NY just to eat this again! And the fries at Pommes Frites are deep-fried twice! They even had a large assortment of strange dipping sauces…yummy!

IMG_5045 copyIMG_5041 copy

IMG_5051 copyIMG_5050 copy

At the end of the day, it was pretty late and we were super tired. But we ate awesome food and saw the streets of New York. On to Day Two in New York!

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