Day Two in New York

Today, we hit up more famous spots in New York like the Brooklyn Flea Market, Chinatown, Times Square and much more. (We also stopped by SoHo District but I failed to take decent pictures! And Jessica took us to a super delicious ice cream place called “Sundaes and Cones,” and again I didn’t take any good pics.) Our feet were hurting so much because we were walking around nonstop from 8 am til past midnight!

Here we are at the Brooklyn Flea Market:

IMG_5066 copyIMG_5077 copy

There were very cute and adorable crafts and natural products. Glass planeteriums (upper right). Soft fox toy at Hazel Village (bottom left). Vintage jewelry (bottom right).

IMG_5084 copyIMG_5103 copy

Vintage cheese boxes (bottom left). Vintage bags (bottom right).

IMG_5109 copyIMG_5134 copy

At the famous Grimaldi’s Pizzaria. We waited “on line” (as the NYorkers would say it) for more than an hour…

IMG_5222 copy

IMG_5209 copyIMG_5240 copy

For dinner, we stopped by a cute Japanese restaurant. The dessert is very fun since you get to make your own cotton candy!

IMG_5256 copyIMG_5258 copy

Chinatown was quite busy (bottom left). Times Square is so bright that it felt like day time at night! (bottom right).

IMG_5249 copyIMG_5267 copy

Inside a huge Toys R’ Us store. There was a giant Ferris Wheel inside the store (bottom left). We also stopped by the M&M store for some candies! (bottom right)

IMG_5274 copyIMG_5285 copy

IMG_5292 copy
Gon’s ready to go home. He’s not sunburned btw, it’s just a bright red sign is casting its light on him.
We are quickly moving on to Day Three in New York!

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