Day Five in Quebec City

Bonjour! To get to Old Quebec City from Montreal, we took the 3 hour VIA train. Then we spent most of the day roaming around and window shopping. The language spoken here is mainly French and so my family was depending on me to help translate. However, I forgot most of my high school French and so we walked around for a while until we realized most of the Quebecoise knew how to speak English. Hooray!

We ate leftover candy and bought bagels and juice from the trolley lady (left). We then arrived at a beautiful train station in Quebec (right).

IMG_5737 copyIMG_5781 copy

IMG_5809 copy
There were interesting art pieces and one of them was made of metal chairs with inscriptions on them.
IMG_5835 copy
We arrived at our hostel!
IMG_5853 copy
A mysterious and elegant black door
IMG_5893 copy
Gon snapped off an icicle


IMG_5877 copy
A cool historic building
IMG_5916 copy
Italian food for lunch
IMG_5933 copy
A lamb that is holding a sign “Ouvert” or “Open” at Le Chateau Frontenac
IMG_5975 copy
Outdoor elevator takes you up to see a great view of Quebec
IMG_5981 copy
A Christmas-spirited street. Reminds me of a scene from Harry Potter…
IMG_6009 copy
Le Chateau Frontenac from afar


IMG_6018 copy
A cute restaurant, “Cotes a Cotes” or “Coast to Coast”
IMG_6029 copy
A small chapel called Notre Dame
IMG_6024 copy
My cousin put a snowball inside the cannon
IMG_6032 copy
Beautifully painted building
Our first day in Quebec was great and Day Six in Quebec was even greater!

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