Day Seven in Montreal Again

Here we are back in Montreal again. I guess we did a little circle from Montreal to Quebec City and right back to Montreal. But our first day in Montreal, we were only able to see the evening. But today, we toured through Montreal in the day time.

We had a lot of fun on the VIA train to Montreal. The super delicious Canadian cotton candy, “Barbe a Papa Noel,” had some sweet tattoos in it. My sister got an awesome Christmas tree, I got a Santa, and Gon got a reindeer!

IMG_6597 copyIMG_6576 copyIMG_6579 copyIMG_6574 copy

IMG_6620 copy
In the Montreal train station, there was a french fry vending machine!


IMG_6644 copy
Our lovely hostel!!!
IMG_6647 copy
Inside the hostel, the atmosphere was quite hispter-y and cozy! 🙂

I’m a fan of the beautiful building architecture and designs:

IMG_6680 copyIMG_6698 copyIMG_6696 copy

We ate lunch at Rotisserie Romados. It took us 30 minutes to walk here, but it was sooo worth it!!!

IMG_6703 copy
Rotisserie Romados

Each meal came with a huge tray of food, bread, and soda!!! And…best part was it was only $7….score! 🙂

IMG_6711 copyIMG_6712 copy

IMG_6713 copy 2IMG_6714 copy

After lunch, we walked to Little Chinatown and it was little…only 4-5 blocks long! We also visited the grand Notre Dame. I didn’t include pictures, but Montreal also has a huge underground mall that spans the city and is 5 stories high – underground!

IMG_6716 copyIMG_6724 copy

Before heading back to our hostel, we stopped by a sweet shop, Juliette & Chocolat. We ordered some savory and sweet crepes, along with delicious brownie-whipped-cream desserts and hot chocolate, of course!

IMG_6749 copyIMG_6756 copy

IMG_6805 copy
Back at our warm hostel, we ended the night with a game of Monopoly. Luckily, I took French in high school 🙂


This was our last night in Montreal, Canada. Most of Day Eight was spent on an airplane back home to sunny CA.

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