Bread and Butter

I love fresh and warm bread and who doesn’t? One goal I’ve been trying to accomplish for a couple of weeks now is to make delicious and edible bread! The first time I tried to make bread, the oven was just too hot and my breads came out so hard that we used them as pet rocks. The next couple times, I was able to make softer bread, but the insides were not fully cooked–we used that to make croutons. After my bread baking failures, I decided to take a break. Then I picked up a copy of Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice and was enlightened. (For reals). The reading was so fun and interesting and one of the many things I learned to enjoy was listening to the sound of the fresh-out-of-the-oven crackling bread–it’s like a lullaby. And my favorite recipe in the book is the Italian bread…the crust is crisp and the inside is soft, I’m almost tempted to use the bread as a pillow.

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Fish Shaped Bread

These cute fish shaped breads are literally called “fish bread” in Korea and “baked sea bream” in Japan. But they’re not actually made from fish, they’re just shaped like them. And inside these little fishy pockets are various fillings like sweet red bean paste or cinnamon and brown sugar. Sometimes they’re filled with chocolate, nutella, and cheese…the possibilities are endless with this little fish.

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Korean Pancake (Hoddeok)

I remember when I was a little kid, my mom used to make us the most delicious Korean pancakes (hoddeok). I’ve never actually been to Korea myself, but my mom said that she used to always eat hoddeok after school on a chilly day. I can imagine how delicious that would have been, eating the piping hot pancakes with the sweet, nutty filling inside. Hoddeok tastes almost like a sticky bun because it’s filled with cinnamon, brown sugar, and pine nuts. It’s a Korean favorite for the fall and winter season and delightfully sweet for any day.

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