Day Five in Quebec City

Bonjour! To get to Old Quebec City from Montreal, we took the 3 hour VIA train. Then we spent most of the day roaming around and window shopping. The language spoken here is mainly French and so my family was depending on me to help translate. However, I forgot most of my high school French and so we walked around for a while until we realized most of the Quebecoise knew how to speak English. Hooray! Continue reading Day Five in Quebec City

Day Two in New York

Today, we hit up more famous spots in New York like the Brooklyn Flea Market, Chinatown, Times Square and much more. (We also stopped by SoHo District but I failed to take decent pictures! And Jessica took us to a super delicious ice cream place called “Sundaes and Cones,” and again I didn’t take any good pics.) Our feet were hurting so much because we were walking around nonstop from 8 am til past midnight! Continue reading Day Two in New York